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My name is Jan-Steven Merson.  I am a retired California State Peace Officer and retired full-time gunsmith.   After selling my gunsmith shop, I decided to build AK 47s, one of the most used and copied , rifles in the world.   

                                                    THE KALISHNIKOV, variants .

We personally build each AK47 ourselfs, one at a time, giving each one our personal undivided attention, and giving you more range time and having fun. This is why I can offer an

unconditional lifetime warranty.  All my AK47’s have this lifetime unconditional warranty plus include a one-year maintenance, deep clean, tune and test fire.  I stand behind my craftsmanship.

 How I Chose My Business Name

My wife and I are animal lovers and believers in rescue and adoption.  For the last 37 years we have rescued and adopted primarily Great Danes.  They are not owned, they become our family members.

And so the name, GreatDane AK Armory.

The above picture of the white Great Dane was my boy Rascals, he has become my logo. We named him after the dog Petey from the  old TV show the Little Rascals, hence his name, RASCALS.

As a remembrance of our past and present fur babies, I have decided to name my AK models after them. Each Dane had/has a very different characteristic and color; therefore, I am using their names for my models.

Our very first Dane was THOR who was fawn-colored. You’ll know it as flat dark earth. Thor was goofy yet stealthy. As big as he was he could run so fast on our property he could not stop fast enough before he'd hit our chain link fence , he also, could ,lie on his side and move his body in such a way as to get under the fence and take off. Also, we had grapefruit trees on our property. One day, I threw one. He ran after it and scooped it up in his mouth.  With his mouth fully closed, you could not see the large grapefruit or tell he had anything in it.  Stealthy looking, his model is the under fold tactical flat dark earth with forward rail systems and more.

SHADOW, our second Dane, was all black.  We always said he picked us.  Out of a litter of 12, he was the one to come trotting over and stare up at us at just 6 weeks old, insisting that we take him home with us.  He loved to dig holes on our acre. We knew he was “on his way to China” when we could see only the very tip of a black tail wagging.  I chose his color for my basic model, The Shadow-Man.

Our third Dane, RASCALS, was 99.9% white (Harlequin with a mastiff build).  He had a hint of black:  a circle around his right eye, like Petey from The Little Rascals, hence his name, and a black spot on his right rear haunch which was in the shape of a playboy bunny logo (we were often asked if we had it tattooed on). His right eye was blue and left was a walnut color. Rascals was as lovable as they come and a huge couch potato.  He would perch his butt on the couch like a human with his rear legs dangling and his front legs on the floor. He weighed 185 pounds at his prime  and on his hind legs he stood almost 6'2". He didn’t like dieting but, it was for his health. Rascals slimmed down to a muscular looking 150 lbs  Although all of our fur babies are special to us, RASCALS was MY boy.  Anyone familiar with this breed knows that an all-white Dane are likely to be blind, deaf or both.  Even though he was neither,  at 2 months old I started to train him on hand signals.  He learned very fast fast.  Other than telling him I loved him, which was all the time, we never had to give him a verbal command, I even taught him in sign I LOVE YOU! and he knew it his tail would wag like crazy.  Rascal’s model is the 24kt Gold w/Russian red furniture RIP

CHELSEA, our fourth Dane, was grey with black patches (Merle) and a sleek greyhound build.  She was Rascals’ sister (but not litter mate).  We rescued her at 13 weeks when Rascals was 2 ½ years old.  However, even at that young age, she was an alpha female and quickly let Rascals know it. Chelsea grew to be a very long legged and thin girl. Even though she ruled the roost over Rascals, she moped around the house for days, eating very little after he died at 12 years old.  All in all, she was a sweetheart and my wife’s shadow.   Her model is Chelsea.

Our fifth Dane is SASHA, white with black patches (Harlequin and a mastiff build).   Now at her maximum height and weight at three years old, she stands over 6’1” when up on her hind legs.  She has a sweet but forceful manner about her because she was abused as a puppy and why she was a rescue.  She is also a couch potato and a momma’s girl. When standing, she is very regal looking.  Her model is Sasha.

Our sixth and latest Dane is KAZZIE (a chocolate Harlequin brown spots over white).  He was seven weeks old when we adopted him from a very bad backyard breeder situation.  He is named from my childhood days growing up in Brooklyn NY after a favorite place to eat (Katz’s Deli) OK, so I like food.  He’s very wild and playful, but also a fast learner.  At this writing, he is ten months old and will soon begin traveling the gun show circuit with me.  His model will be called The KAZZ-Manian Devil. An AK Pistol

I also have 3 bearded dragons 2, I raised from three weeks old, I purchased them at a Gunshow believe it or not, I did.  My grandchildren named them for me Spike and Arriella.

The 3rd one was a rescue from a very bad situation, when I got her she was 3 years old and under weight for her age, she had mites all over her and several parasites in her. As a baby she was attacked by other dragons, her left front leg and half of her tail were bitten off by the other dragons in her vivarium and had to be amputated. With three legs she gets around like she had  all 4, a little skittish from being abused, she still has a very sweet personality and shy. The person I rescued her from named her tripod and displayed her to his friends like a conversational piece making fun of her while scaring her too, I DID NOT LIKE THAT nor did I like the name, so I changed it to Daenerys (Queen of Dragons) OK, so I watch too much of, The Game of Thrones. I love them as much as my Danes.

And, oh yes, we also have had a white German Shepherd named Pebbles, a fawn Cocker Spaniel  named Taffy, a fawn Shar Pei named Mai Ling, a fawn Persian kitty named Sheldon and a Siamese kitty named Zoe’, Spike the dragon and short live Drogo the dragon were loved too. We really miss the ones that are no longer with us. RIP, 

He's my Logo




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GreatDane AK 47 Armory

is an AK47 manufacturing company, and

home of the custom AK's

We manufacture AK 47 & 74s also in

California, New York & New Jersey compliant AK's as well.

Since we are an AK Manufacturer, we do not have walk in services or offer general gunsmithing except for AK's.

You  can make an appointment to visit or go to my Gunshow page and


me @ the listed GUNSHOWS.

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