Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do upgrades on my new AK myself or pay someone to do it for me? Will that void my warranty?

No, However, If you send it back to me for warranty work, I will only warranty MY parts. Also, if the warranty work you are sending it to me for was caused by your upgrade, you might incur additional costs? It will be my discretion if I charge you anything. Any parts you remove from your AK, as parts of your upgrade, YOU must send them with the AK. for liability reasons I will ship your AK back with the original parts on them. I will also ship back your upgraded parts along with your AK. NOTE: If you send me your AK for warranty work with your upgraded parts on it, and you don't send the original parts that were installed by me at the conception of your AK. then you will incure charges for me putting your AK back to it's original state in order for me to ship it.

Legal & Laws

Can you ship directly to me?

NO, all firearms purchased MUST be shipped to an FFL only. If your have an FFL then YES I can.

How do I ship you my AK for warranty work, or just have my gunsmith repair it?

This will be the only time you can ship it your self directly to me, and have it returned to you, without an FFL. Fed EX Is Firearm friendly, as is UPS and USPS. Check with them prior to shipping. NO, I am the only one that can perform warranty work. If you do have your own gunsmith do repairs, you will void any and all warranties

*If I move out of state, how can I get my firearms there safe and with-in the boundries of the LAW, when I have too many to ship the conventional way ie.. UPS,Fedex post office etc.

I offer personal deliver service and I will deliver them to a local FFL in your area.

I temporally lost my rights to have fierearms ie.. restraining order,felony,domestic violance or any other court orders to relinquesh

I can store your firearms securley and safe for as long as you need to. This service as for ALL makes of firearms, not just AK's.

I live in California, and own an AK. How can I make it Compliant?

I offern several solutions, all are good but, all depends on your tast and performance. I however highly recomend Compmag. click here

Designs & Refinishing

where do you perform your plating process

In signal Hills, hwere my 2nd FFL is located

What if I don't see an AK on your site that I like, can I design one, and you build it?

YES! Thats what I live for, I love being different in my designs, and designing the one you dreamed of, is what I do.

Repairs & Gunsmithing

General & All others

What Credit Cards do you except?

All, EXCEPT Pay Pal. Pay Pal is not gun friendly and therefore I will not give them the time day

Can I pay with a check?

Yes, you will have to mail it in, I will then start to build your masterpiece when your check clears. which might take 10 days before I can start on your masterpiece. OR Direct Payment authorization ACH, Allows GreatDane AK Armory to deduct the amount directly from your checking account. It's safe, easy and no added fees.

How do I get warranty work done.

Call me 714 448 9043, to let me know the problem your having, I will give you further shipping instructions...

I live in another State or out of your area, can I have my AK fixed locally by another AK smith?

NO, All warranty work must be perfromed by me.

Can I return my AK for a full refund if I change my mind after I receive it?

Yes, #1 I RECOMEND to everyone to inspect your AK at the dealer it was delievered to, BEFORE you register it. After you register it or shoot it, it can no longer be returned for a full refund whatsoever. #2 If it is returnable, the AK MUST be returned in the same packaging it came in, along with everything that came with it. Once I receive it, I wil refund your credit card or check, or exchange it, if that is what you want. Please understand that I can not refund you, your shipping...

Can I make changes to my order, once I have paid in full?

Yes, as long as it's in the early stages of building but, once the barrell and receiver have been riveted, headspaced and pinned, then no changes can be made to change the caliber if thats waht you want to change if so, then additional fees will be incured. All other changes can be made with out incuring addational fees IE.. refinshing changing the furniture, trigger group etc, etc. during the buid. Note: After the project is comleted, and you decide to make a change to it then charging additional fees will be at my descrtion

Once I order my AK 47 (762x39), can I change calibers to an AK 74 (545x39)

Yes, but, once the reciever has been drilled and or riveted and or pined, then NO. Also If I start the (DROS) Dealer Record Of Sale, then NO, at that point you will need to order another AK of that caliber, and of course at the sale price. HOWEVER, if you do I will give you a 15% discount on your second one...... If I can change ithe caliber there will be a deffinate charge that will be incured to you

I never onwed an AK, are there classes on AK formats that I can take.

YES: I offer FREE group classes on how to maintain, maintenance, and upgrade AK's. This class will make you feel very comfortable to handel them. I do also offer private classes and how to shoot classes, these arfe NOT free, call or go to my site for prices.

I need my AK repaired and or upgraded

I am a fulltime gunsmith -aka- Kalashnikovsmith.. I can do any this legal to your AK like, ie... refinish, repair thread barrels and upgrade and more. All the above are done by me on my premisses and not by a third party, except for the plating process it self, that I supervise while the platers do it.

Where do you perform the palting process

A our plating plant in Signal Hills CA.

Do you offer discounts other than what is listed on your website?

YES 3% discount when you pay by check, check debit or cash. see my order page for details.

Even though you are a gunsmith will you work on my firearms other than an AK?

NO!, I will recomend a reputable gunsmith at your request.

Do you offer discounts other than whats on your website ?

Yes, please call, email meyour requests

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